Louvre Roof Systems

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The concept of alfresco dining has long been embraced, but today the possibilities surrounding outdoor living go a lot further. Louvre roofs create the ideal outdoor room for dining and entertainment. The motorized overhead aluminium louvres can be controlled to filter sun and exclude rain to create the perfect environment for comfortable outdoor living.

Locarno Louvres specialises in customised, architecturally designed louvre roofs, designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The Locarno RL200 louvre profile for louvre roofs is specified in some of New Zealands top architectural projects because of its clean rectilinear aesthetic and functionality. The unique, sleek profile allows for optimum amount of light and sun through when blades are open while maintaining stability. When closed, the blades create a clean, entirely flat surface.

Newly developed Locarno RLX200 and RLY200 profiles allow for large spans and snow loading, meaning design and aesthetics aren't compromised in even the most extreme sites.

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